You Have a Voice, and It Matters

You Have a Voice, and It Matters

New Year is the most common time to share memories and visions.

Most people post on social media pictures of self or family and vows to become better versions or to leave the past behind.

The pattern? We usually share good stuff or victories amidst the difficulties, but we don’t expose the hard stuff: our own pains, defeats, brokenness, heartaches, unresolved issues, name it.

Broken Glass

I always wonder, why can’t we just show the hard stuff the way we project the most beautiful things we can create about ourselves?

My search led me to this reality: most of us believe we don’t have a voice.

Why We Lose Our Voice

Just a reminder: the most private matters are not for social media posting. I’m not just talking about sharing on social media, but sharing ideas, feelings, and experiences in general.

My own pain and brokenness taught me that among the billions of people on this planet, most people still feel alone.

People crossing pedestrian lane

We isolate. 

We keep silent.

Isn’t it ironic?

Sadly, I discovered that we lose our voice, not because we choose not to speak, but because we feel no one listens.

Your Voice Matters

Everyone has a voice, and each matters.

But the judgment, passiveness, and silence of people (who we expect to care) seem to matter more.

Doll abandoned, neglected

It’s painful to share something but be unheard, misunderstood, and worst, hated.

It hurts to keep things to ourselves because we feel people are uninterested in our seemingly “normal” story or “attention-getter” complaint.

To survive and protect ourselves from pain, we slowly learn to shut up because it hurts more to be unheard than to deal with our real problems.

How I Got My Voice Back

I chose not to write publicly for almost a year because I felt I lost my voice.

I didn’t speak, but I have loud cries of silence that most people didn’t hear.

The neglect and judgment I received hurt more than what I’m really dealing with.

Why can’t people just listen?

More than their words of wisdom, most of the time, I just need people who will care and will be here for me whatever it takes.

Unexpectedly, God rescued me from the pit of isolation by leading me to a healing program, allowing me to study counseling, and giving me few, but safe people who I can really call friends.

Girls lying on top of car

Their presence helped me to speak again, to trust them with my mundane stories.

Through them, God redeemed my voice.

Why Our Voice Really Matters

When I lost my voice, I stopped writing.

But God reminded me that my voice, our individual voices, matter to Him because He made them.

It also matters to Him whether we will use our voices for good or evil.

This time, I’m using my voice not only for myself, but also for others to be heard.

If you think you have been silenced, it takes process and God’s grace to restore it.


At the end, it’s not your voice that mostly matters to God.

It’s you, your being. 

You matter to God, that’s why He gave you a voice.

You can speak here freely. Share your thoughts on the comments section below. 🙂

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6 thoughts on “You Have a Voice, and It Matters

  1. Miss your writing ja…but in a year of silence,God prepared your heart…with confidence and courage coming from HIM,i’m sure this will inspire many..i’m one of those,relate much!!
    Write pa more,nice job! GOD bless,love you

  2. Keep writing ✍🏼 and let the Lord give you the ink to inspire others who will read your work and remain silent no more. Blessings!

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