What We Can Save Amidst Our Losses From COVID-19

What We Can Save Amidst Our Losses From COVID-19

We cannot deny our losses from COVID-19, which left us paralyzing in fear or moving in panic.

We lost… a lot. Words are not even enough to describe the bitter mixture of pain, brokenness, fear, and anxiety we experience. However, these feelings make us aware of the reality standing in front of us.

Every person has his or her internal turmoil, but no loss is too small to be disregarded.

If we desire to move forward, we first need to acknowledge and grieve our losses from COVID-19, even if the process pulverizes our hearts.

We lost people dear to us.

silhouette of people

And these are not just numbers, but they are thousands of lives gasping for a single breath.

Even if we observe all the safety measures to reduce the number of COVID-19 deaths and cases, we still see a horrifying increase in numbers all over the world.

It’s so difficult to accept that one of our losses from COVID-19 is our modern-day heroes.

one of the losses during the covid-19 outbreak are these doctors in the operating room

But medical workers and front liners are still fighting to save the lives of others, even if this costs their own.

They have the choice to preserve their own lives too, but honoring their commitments has a greater weight.

No amount of praises can replace their lives, but acknowledging their sacrifices is all what we can do.

As we protect ourselves, we have to deal with the loss of jobs and other opportunities.

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Those who live on a daily basis suffer the most consequences of lockdowns. Work stops, but due dates do not. If governments extend these, people would not die of the virus, but of hunger just because they already lost the means to live.

Part of the sacrifices of social distancing is the loss of the real social life.

girls hugging each other from the back

Although some see this as one of the “lesser serious” losses from COVID-19, lack of live interactions entail serious long-term effects. Nothing beats the tangible presence of other people, even in the digital age.

This is even more difficult for those mourning over the loved ones they lost. The pain doubles as they are deprived of the comfort brought by the presence of others: to see each other face to face or to give a hug or a pat on the back.

But we can’t for now, not yet.

For some, absence of safety at home is one of the losses from COVID-19.

big hand holding a baby's hand

Some are blessed to stay at home with their families, but what about those people who experience abuse and neglect in their own places? And yet, the government mandates us to stay in our houses.

Surely, victims would classify their external environment as their real homes rather than their own houses.

But for all of us, we succumb to the loss of control.

control is one of the losses during the covid-19 outbreak

We can’t see the virus, and this adds up to the challenge. In just a snap, it snatched our control over our lives, our livelihood, and our ideal life. We can only do as much.

Can we really save something?

These losses from COVID-19 are not only words, but reality. Everything can still be taken away from us, despite our efforts to save them.


We can still keep our faith, not on ourselves, front liners, science, government, social distancing or any safety measures, but on God alone.

Also, we can maintain our hope that even if this doesn’t end, God is our only hope in this uncertain world.

Lastly, we can store our joy even if we grieve and feel sorrowful.

hand holding a plant as a sign of life amidst losses during the covid-19 outbreak

Amidst our losses from COVID-19, God never ceases to provide the faith we can keep, the hope we can maintain, and the joy we can store, the things that cannot be taken away from us even by death.

Let me tell you a secret.

In the end, we really cannot save anything, not even ourselves. But when we lose everything, this is the only time to recognize our need for the real Savior, Jesus Christ. Only He can save us, not only from the COVID-19 deaths, but from eternal death.

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  2. Even when we don’t feel like He’s working…God is unstoppable!
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