Training for Real

Training for Real

No, you won’t be seeing my before and after photos. I just want to share an experience.

It is unforgettable that my health teacher was dedicated to repeat to us that “health is the state of complete physical, mental, social and emotional well being, not merely the absence of disease and infirmity”. These words make sense right now.

Last April, I went through a series of challenges, which greatly affected my health physically, mentally, emotionally, and socially. After three months, I started to recover with a big help from physical fitness, a million thanks to Fitness 101 Gym and Wellness Center.

Since 2014, I already value exercise and healthy eating as a part of my lifestyle. Last March, I decided to become a member of the gym near our place. At first, I was really motivated to be on track, being at the peak of my “balik-loob”moment. After a week, I got sick and my at-least-thrice-a-week goal became unattainable. I came to the gym twice, a month. I was already wasting my membership privilege as I lost the motivation. Going back was never easy and I need my mother to convince me. As a person who values both fitness and money’s worth, I broke the lazy and excuse-filled cycle, but still felt obliged to go to the gym for the sake of maximizing my membership. I did lazy workouts by just running on the treadmill or riding the stationary bike. I was a running body without a soul.

Last July, I decided to join the group exercises such as circuit training and suspension training. The first week resulted to the pain my body craves for a long time. I then became a consistent attendee of the group exercises. Exercise has become a therapy, especially for a person with MPS (myofascial pain syndrome, a chronic pain disorder). After a month, I saw improvements in my body as body fat decreased and muscle mass increased. My eating habits are also constantly being corrected. Previously, I believe the need of eating little to get thin, but now, I eat plenty and the right kinds of food to be strong and fit. There is a shift of perspective: I aim to be stronger and my body figure is just a bonus.

Of course, great workouts won’t be great without a company of coaches and people. I met people coming from different walks of life, which became my new friends and family. They believe in me even when I do not believe in myself, encourage me, understand my capacities and limitations, and help me look forward to my improvements. We share the victory but we also share the hardships and pains.

I believe I became stronger, not only physically, but also mentally and emotionally. Performing the workouts involves not only physical strength, but also will and determination. Motivation comes from remembering the previous trials and challenges I went through and how God helped me to be victorious. Whenever I finish a set, I feel good, but always still striving for improvement. Now, I also try this principle on other matters.

Our character is shaped and molded through fitness trainings. Physical fitness teaches me not to give up. Also, it does not only need self-discipline and motivation from within; we also need a community who will encourage us, believe in us, and be patient in us. In the long run, we should also inspire others. Fitness is not only a result, but a journey. I think these things should be the real fitness goals and not only those seen by human eyes.

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