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The Rebelution

3 Reasons Eating Healthy Helps You Do Hard Things

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Studying to excel, obeying our parents, and doing ministry are only some of the hard things we need to do. 
We usually strive to do something that will impress others, but we often neglect one thing that will impact our lives first: eating healthy foods. In reality, this is a really hard thing, especially for teenagers and young people.

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8 Things Your Bingeing Behaviors Reveal About You

Do you have moments of compulsively eating large amounts of food, over-drinking, shopping ‘til you drop, or watching a whole series in one sitting and suddenly realize you don’t really need them?
When we do, we often feel desperate or frustrated if we let food, drinks, and shows that we call opportunities, slip through our hands. These scenarios reveal our tendencies to binge or simply called, our bingeing behaviors.

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Christian Ts and More

Do you know that people will read the words on your shirt at least 3000 times before you throw it away?
Before you decide on what you will wear today, you might have to consider why the Christian Ts And More is what you really need.

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NXTLVLETE: Premium Anti-Stink Gym, Sports & Travel Shirts

Taking care of yourself should be a lifestyle, and this includes being physically active. However, your willpower to move around gets stalled when you started smelling unwanted body odor.
Now, how are you going to continue this active lifestyle without getting distracted with your odor?
These are what the NXTLVLETE: Premium Anti-Stink Gym, Sports & Travel Shirts can do for you.

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