Most Important New Year’s Resolution You Can Do This Year

Most Important New Year’s Resolution You Can Do This Year

New year’s resolution. This term already evolved into other words such as plans and goals, but nothing’s really new, right?

No matter how we name it, it still has something to do with changes from last year.

Interestingly, we get more and more creative in making plans and goals every year.

We categorize them into fitness, financial, career, fashion, travel, personal development and a lot more.

We even do retreats to have a fresh perspective on what we really want to do.

We also have the choice to ask the help and opinion of others regarding our plans, or we keep them private and personal.

As part of the Millennial force, I once loved writing down my dreams for the following year.

Pen and Paper

But this time, I kept on delaying my personal planning session, somehow suspended in pause and wait mode.

The Most Obvious New Year’s Resolution We Forget

Last Friday, my family and I had a simple planning session. We started listing our goals as a family, then narrowed down to personal ones.

I know theirs and they know mine, and that’s new to me.

But in my head, wow, we just created another long list of things to do (or to do next year). Honestly, I ditched the practice of writing down my plans to avoid pressure.

Then this morning, I received my ideal planner from a generous friend (thank you so much). After three or four years, I’m going to use one again!

Planner for 2019

But of course, I need to go back to the intimidating discipline of writing my plans.

And then it just hit me. I suddenly realized that the most important new year’s resolution is avoiding to worry.

Why We Worry

The only reason why I was so afraid of planning is because I worry (a lot) that they won’t happen.

Many, including me, suffer from what I call the “absolute uncertainty syndrome”, which is going through the process and producing the best plans, but deep inside, we worry that they wouldn’t work.

I was so addicted to worrying that it consumed 90% of my time. I accomplished little.

What should I eat? Who liked my post? How much should I spend? Do others hate me?

Even today, I seem to worry if I could write and publish something every Monday.

Worrying girl

At this moment, I discovered that worrying only takes place when we (1) make the wrong plans, or (2) distrust the right options we have to choose.

Clearly, this new year’s resolution doesn’t stop with avoiding worry, but continues with trusting the One who will never fail us, even if this life is uncertain and heart-pounding.

To stop worrying about our lives, we should start seeking God and His kingdom first.

But do we really seek Him with our plans now?

Once we start trusting Him completely, He will be in control and will give us wisdom to keep us from making the wrong goals we always love.

And if we already sought and received him, He will give us the confidence to trust Him with what He says we must do, even if they seem impossible and ridiculous to achieve.

Worrying Won’t Make Us Productive

Friend, we can create numerous new year’s resolutions, but it’s still God who makes things possible.

This is hard to believe in, but it’s the best we can do.

Many are the plans in the mind of a man, but it is the purpose of the Lord that will stand (Proverbs 19:21).

Now, are we ready enough not to worry and trust Him without ifs and buts?

What are your plans that you worry about? I would love to know them on the comments section below. 🙂

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