Lord, Can You Please Take The Pain Away?

Lord, Can You Please Take The Pain Away?

Lord, please take the pain away.
It’s too deep. Is it more painful to know the cause or just know nothing at all?
Wounds weren’t in my language because people taught me to forgive, forget, and let go.
Did I really forgive, or just buried the sorrow beneath the deep wells of my heart?

I never knew its existence.
I was that strong person, the conqueror.
Where is the fighter who wins battles?
Where is the mind that understands?

Strong Lady

I lost control over my own mind and emotions.
My dreams begin to shatter.
Hope drifted away, my heart never believed.
God, are You still here while I grieve?

Sitting Lonely

If pain would make me stronger, why am I helpless?
Why can’t I stand and be grateful for new mornings?
My heart is burdened with gallons of tears I can’t withhold, yet I can’t let go.
I lost the strength to express my sorrow in waiting that everything will be fine.

Girl Crying

Lord, can You please take away the pain?
Make the muscles of my heart stronger to accept reality?
Help me make sense of pain that seems so pointless?
Can You?

Father, will You please give me the strength Your Son had when He bore my sin and shame?
Help me lay down and surrender all my hurt at the foot of the cross?
Show me the resurrection after death?
Will You?

Cross on Paper

Please help me accept the process of hurting and grieving, even if it takes a lifetime.
Please remind me that suffering makes me and made Jesus human.
Lord, please show me that pain is not the end, but the means to receive more of Your love, comfort, and grace.

Father, if going through pain is Your way for me to become whole again, then it’s okay if You don’t take it away.

What are the painful things and memories in your life you want to release?

I sincerely pray that God would meet you in your darkest moments through His Word, people, and these songs of healing.

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  1. Thank you ate Jarys Sibal. Your writings touch the soul. Keep writing with an authentic human heart – from Davao.

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