Importance of Rest in the Healing Process

Importance of Rest in the Healing Process

After I came back from the Living Waters Leadership Training 2018, I really appreciated the importance of rest as I felt refreshed, recharged, and raring to go back to the normal things I do.

I thought one week of rest was enough and already extravagant. After all, I needed to catch up with deadlines. The following Monday, I’ve set my mind to work but I was having a hard time. The struggle continued throughout the week and I never seemed to gain back my momentum.

I started feeling frustrated with myself, again. I wondered where did the healing go?

Or to put it straight, am I back to my old self again?

Moving Around in a Fast-Paced Culture

Yesterday, seemingly out of nowhere, I had an episode of depression and a bout with loneliness.

Eventually, after accepting the situation and careful reflection, I realized that the purpose of training week was mostly the time for surgery, where I needed the Healer to take out the depression bullets in my life and sew up the wounds one by one.

It’s a standard procedure that after surgery, the patient needs to rest and stay in a recovery room for a certain period.

However, our fast-paced culture tends to disregard the importance of rest and recovery after the procedure. We may have a superhero mentality that once the surgeon finishes an operation, we can already walk around and proceed with normal tasks of life.

Fast Pace

But healing is never meant that way for us frail beings. Instead, it still can be a painful and a slow process. In other words, after the surgery, I need to rest first to let the wounds heal.

In reality, we love instant and quick fixes. We usually think that after an encounter, we’ve settled with our issues and can go back immediately to our normal routines.

But sometimes, the routines we get accustomed to can again trigger our bullet wounds and slow down the healing process. It’s like insisting on doing house chores or exercise routines after a surgery and wondering why the wounds still hurt.

Maybe all I just want to say is, we have to value the importance of rest after discovering our issues.

But we need to work, right?

Before you say yes, I’ll ask this. Which is more important, meeting deadlines for our short-term needs or receiving deeper and significant healing to become a healthier and more efficient worker?

Taking it Slow: Reflect and Recover

Slow Snail

Remember the old wise proverb, “One step backwards, two steps forward.”

The real healing process doesn’t tell us to stop, but signals us to pause, experience the importance of rest, and take things slowly. We can’t be back in our normal paces immediately, but we can still make progress.

Thus, little progress is much better than a huge leap and becoming deeply wounded again.

Don’t be too harsh on yourself (yes, I’m saying this to myself too). Accept that there are things you can’t quickly accomplish.

And once we’ve done this, we’ll start seeing miracles happen.

Witnessing the Beauty and Importance of Rest

While slowing down last week, my mind started to race again. I felt so lazy for resting and thought of all the shoulds in life: should work double time, write a new article next week, go back to church ministry, and do my normal workouts at the gym.

But I can’t.

I just can’t push myself too hard because I feel weaker.

And you know what?

Too much impatience with myself triggered the episode of depression.

However, our Father in heaven continues to assure me that He’s taken care of everything, including me. He commands me to do this very thing: be still and know that He is God.

Grass and Girl Resting

That moment, the Great Healer, Jesus, showed me the importance of rest and recovery, so that I can prepare myself for the weeks to come. I can rest for longer periods and take things slowly because He values more my being than my doing.

So instead of working too hard and asking the Father to give me rest, I started resting on the Father’s arms while watching Him work in and through me.

And it’s just amazing to witness that both rest and results are there.

Now, I’ll ask you, do you want to experience real healing?

I know that we still have that urge to work hard for our healing and minimize the importance of rest.

But God also created us to rest and once we do, that’s the only time He can restore every area of our lives. He gives us this invitation “Come to me, all you who labor and are heavy laden, and I will give you rest (Matthew 11:28). ”

So, bye for now. Just need my beauty rest.

When was the last time you experienced true rest? How did it help you now?

If you haven’t experienced real rest, how do you plan to start? You can share your thoughts in the comment section below.

And if you remember your loved ones who badly need rest and recovery, please share this post with them. 🙂

15 thoughts on “Importance of Rest in the Healing Process

  1. Bullseye again Jarys. The real essence and meaning of R&R – Rest & Recovery. Oftentimes, for the true disciple, what may seem a period of inactivity on the outside is actually God’s time of productivity on our inside. Once God completes a phase in rebooting our spirit, then our mind clears up and our body behaves to do His purpose in us. Add one more R for Restored. 🙂 ;^/

      1. Thank you Jarys for this message. Yes there were indeed times that I would feel guilty to just even think about resting. The message of your blog is very timely, everyone nowadays feels that we should not rest. But God has given us time to work, time to play and a time to rest. Looking forward to more of what you want to share.

  2. Hello po. Thank you for this. Sobrang on point. There were moments while reading this na napapa-nod ako. There were moments na o-Oo, sabay tawa haha. Ang surreal. Hehe. God bless po.


  4. Nakatulong sa kapatid kong nangangailangan ng wisdom. iba ka po 😀 more power.
    Eto sabi nya oh, “Ang ganda 😭 my thoughts too, recently, pero I’m taking things slow naman, not with God nga lang siguro. Kaya siguro laging di enough yung rest ko.”

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