Good Things You Might Never Notice Because of COVID-19

Good Things You Might Never Notice Because of COVID-19

“Because of COVID-19…” If you were to add words, what would they be?

Who would have thought that a tiny virus can create a huge impact around the world?

Because of COVID-19, life seems to stop: classes suspended for a longer period, business operations interrupted, social gatherings restricted, or grocery supplies ran out.

Sadly, behavior also began to change because of COVID-19: people become more anxious, fearful, and greedy (hoarding goods and sometimes selling them for higher prices because of high demand).

because of covid-19, lady wears surgical mask to protect herself

No one is exempted from this situation. We either fight, flight, or freeze, especially when one person in our own cities becomes positive of COVID-19. The worst is we can become infected and face death.

Sometimes, we just wish that this is just a bad dream or a series in Netflix.

In the midst of an outbreak, crisis, or whatever you want to call it, I still tried to see the brighter side of COVID-19.

No, I am not minimizing the thoughts and fears of everyone, but I hope you could find a gem, or at least a nugget, here.

Because of COVID-19, we learn to take care of ourselves, more.

because of covid-19, person washes hands using soap and water

We become more conscious in hygiene and in sanitation, such as the simple habit of hand-washing. Aside from that, we strive to become more healthy through proper diet, sleep, and exercise.

We already know these things, but right now, we are prompted to do them consciously. They seem so easy, but difficult in reality.

We set aside our political differences.

people rallying

We may have different political views, but this time, I sense that we become more submissive to the government.

On the other hand, the government improved in coordination and implementation of rules.

We become more prayerful.

because of covid-19, person folds hands to pray

People share more encouraging words, Bible verses, or inspirational quotes in our news feeds and messaging applications. These words become our anchor of hope and our anthem of prayer.

Because of COVID-19, we realize that aside from our efforts, we cannot really do anything but pray to God for protection.

Even if we fail to wear masks, God is still our Shield from sicknesses and danger.

We slow down.

relaxing over a cup of coffee and fire

As a student, I felt lesser pressure after the announcement of extended class suspensions. As a worker, there are so many things to accomplish, but we have to prioritize our health and safety by doing less.

Since we stay in our houses more often, in other words, we learn to rest. We have more time to read, listen to good music, or simply bond with family.

Because of COVID-19, we realize the things that really matter.

flower growth in the middle of cracks

COVID-19 interrupted our routines and sabotaged our plans, but at the end, do they really matter? I realize that we can still live without the extras of life. We could live a simpler life.

We can only do as much: pray and depend on God, follow government orders, do enough work for the day, and observe healthy habits.

We appreciate the gift of life.

We value the presence and safety of our families and friends.

We cling and surrender to God, knowing that He is still in control.

And these, still, are good things because of COVID-19.

Do you have an additional point to the list? You can comment in the section below. 🙂

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10 thoughts on “Good Things You Might Never Notice Because of COVID-19

  1. Hi Jarys,
    COVID 19 offered me a chance to reflect on what is truly vsluable, which is our relationship with the Lord. He wished to remind us all that everything emanated from him. The current crisis is a test of our resilience and how we can bounce back as long as we cling to him and to remain calm during this chaos because we believe we are in good hands

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