Forget Everything, But Not This One

Forget Everything, But Not This One

As we shift our calendars to another year, we also have listed the things we want to leave behind. Some of us even want to forget everything and move on.

Forget your worst nightmares, mistakes, and regrets.

Bad Memories

Try to forget your offenders and the face of your worst enemy.

Remove the thorns of the hurtful words and offensive actions from your heart.

Bury the guilt when you slapped someone unintentionally or raised your tone.

Forgive others and yourself when you got angry.

Stop playing on repeat the longest argument you engaged in.

You can stop dwelling on pending tasks and deadlines.

Forgive yourself for the money you’ve lost and mismanaged.

Leave your worries on how you’ll raise up your child or sustain your family.

Stop blaming yourself for losing a loved one.

Forget your life on screen.

Fake Life

Forget your social media status.

You can delete all your accounts.

Stop counting your most liked, retweeted, and shared posts.

Forgive the people who have never replied to you.

Avoid stalking and idolizing people you never knew personally.

Cease wishing for a face you’ll never have or hurting the heaviest body you have now.

Let go of the time people bullied and stared at you.

Forget everything that made you happy.

Bottles and Drinks

Drop the nostalgia for the places you’ve been to or the best food you’ve tasted.

Move on with the birthday surprise you received from so-called friends.

Quit staring at the best line you’ve read or the picture with your favorite personality.

Don’t numb your pain with the fun you had at weekend parties.

Stop looking at photos when you wore that beautiful dress or flaunt your curves in a bikini.

Don’t repeat the funniest joke you’ve cracked, because it’s not funnier the second time around.

Let go of the compliments you received.

Forget what you cherish the most.

Heart and Ring

Don’t obsess yourself with the gadgets you’ve bought.

You can deny the awards you got in school.

Or quit your current power and position.

You might stop chasing your dreams.

Or slow down your race.

You may erase the names of your trusted friends.

Or leave your loved ones behind.

Forget, Except

Painter and Creator

Forgetting might mean losing, but it allows us to live more freely.

Lose everything.

Let go of everything.

Forget everything, but not this thing:

To remember…

..our Creator in the days of our youth.

Because remembering Him alone surpasses the joy of all the other memories we have (Ecclesiastes 12).

When was the last time you remembered our Creator?

Let’s start with God’s mercies every morning and leave our baggage behind. 🙂

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4 thoughts on “Forget Everything, But Not This One

  1. Some are really hard to forget and let go, but if it will make you a better version of yourself, then may God give me the courage and to hold on to Him always!

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