Disappointments of a Modern-Day Woman

Disappointments of a Modern-Day Woman

There is nothing more exhausting than waking up each day and facing the truth that you have to deal with life’s disappointments. They attack you, especially when you aren’t armed to defend yourself, to make sure you fall down and unable to get up easily.

Society has its own parameters that cause disappointments within most women (and men). Once you learn these unspoken standards, you get more pressured, become off-guard, and get pushed on every side.

Everyday Disappointments

Here are the three most common disappointments women struggle with every single day:

You started gaining weight, even if you strictly plan your meals and work out religiously.

Are you one of those girls who tried different weight-loss tricks by going to the gym daily, counting calories every bite, and even putting up window hours for eating, yet ending up consuming more food and feeling lazier to workout?

The feeling becomes more disappointing (and dragging) because you can’t escape the consequences’ pains and pangs. For example, seeing perfect, curvy women in bikinis or skinny jeans make you despise your unwanted fats around your arms, thighs, and belly.

You want to escape the regrets from overeating and a couch potato lifestyle, but you just cannot avoid thinking about them because evidences are part of your body.

You don’t have a stable or clear career path, and everything you do now seems insignificant.

Have you targeted the most in-demand careers to be valued as more competent, but ended up getting burnt out after a little while? Or have you tried pursuing your passion for a living, yet ended up unrecognized and dumped by numerous industry leaders?

Most of the time, you have to make choices between earning and doing mundane tasks against enjoying non-earning passions.

Disappointment starts when you cannot choose both, and the pressure gets higher because you are forced to pick the lesser stressful consequences.

You don’t get love, attention, and care you need from your family and friends, even if you tried reaching out, listening to them, and showing them kind acts.

Even if this has become a common feeling, only a few people are able to get out of this daunting situation.

Love is one of the needs of a person, and we end up searching for the wrong kinds in the wrong places most of the time: sweet text messages, number of likes and followers, or heavenly social media comments.

Sometimes, the most loving and caring people need it the most, but overfamiliarity causes the cared and loved ones to become insensitive of the needs of others. How painful is that?

Bouncing Back from Disappointments

These are really disappointing situations, especially for us women. I experience these things and usually become helpless in finding a solution. I have tried different methods that worked at first but failed in the long run.

I was almost hopeless, but this hopelessness is the way towards the real hope.

We may have unconsciously put our hope on the wrong things, but knowing how hopeless we are calls the need for the right Hope.

Root Cause of Disappointments

Recently, I watched a video centering on the question, “Why am I anxious?” The speaker pointed out that being anxious starts with I. Wow, our anxieties actually begin with ourselves!

As you mull over these common disappointments, you begin to see that all of them focus on the self: how do I look like, what happens to my career, who truly loves and cares for me.

Upon hearing this, I was completely disappointed (again) with myself because I am causing my own problems. What’s worse, IĀ  affect most people around me negatively because of my self-obsession.

My selfishness, brought by pride, is the root cause of disappointments.

Ending the Cause of Disappointments

Learning the root cause is just the first step, and it would be totally useless if you don’t want to put an end. Being anxious centers on I, but it also ends with us.

Anxiety ends once we stop thinking too much of ourselves. I’m not saying to stop thinking of ourselves at all, but to think of the welfare of others above our own.

This includes an all-day thought on losing weight and gaining an ideal body, constant what-ifs on the things you never attempted to try, and endless self-pity from the love deficit you feel.

I found out that contentment, gratitude, and selflessness are forgotten keys against disappointment in this modern world.

In short, disappointments, which cause anxieties, happen, not because you don’t have what it takes to be the best version of your self, but because you don’t appreciate what you have and fail to maximize them, whatever it takes.

Here’s the truth I learned that I want to leave, woman.

You may not be the most important person in this world for others, but you have the most important mission that only you can do for others. It’s not what you do for yourself that matters, but what you do for others.

The words of Jesus Christ are true: those who exalt themselves will be humbled, and those who humble themselves will be exalted (Matthew 23:12).

Are you experiencing other types of disappointments not mentioned in this post? We can talk through the comments section below. šŸ™‚

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