Art’s Wall

Art’s Wall

I believe we all have people who always got our backs and never left our side.

And in this page, I want to introduce you to one of my silent partners for starting this website: my father, Art Sibal. (The other one is, of course, my mother, Alice).

Discovering Art

Art is a practicing Organizational Development (OD) and Training Consultant.

With 20 years of solid experience, he has been providing training development and consulting services that build, equip, and improve competencies of different individuals and over 200 organizations. These programs are also addressing their skills and behavioral issues to achieve better results.

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He finished Bachelor of Arts in Philosophy at the University of the Philippines and continues to upgrade his profession and competencies in the fields of organizational development, management and leadership.

He’s certified to provide the following programs:

  • Problem Solving

  • Decision Making

  • Project Management

  • Managing Performance

He’s also qualified to conduct the following courses:

  • Managing and Developing Accounts

  • Coaching and Mentoring Skills

  • Customer Service Programs

  • Effective Communication and Presentation Skills

  • Management and Leadership Development Programs

  • Salesmanship and Negotiating Skills

  • Teambuilding Programs

  • Training the Trainer Programs

Works of Art

As a consultant, he developed strategic training interventions that  addressed performance gaps and increased productivity of people for better organizational business results.

Aside from being a consultant, he also served as the Southeast Asia Regional Director for Mustard Seed Foundation, a US-based NGO that funded projects for outreach and economic empowerment programs.

He managed and implemented grant development for faith-based organizations in Indonesia, Thailand, Cambodia, Vietnam, Myanmar, Malaysia, Singapore, Egypt, the U.S. and the Philippines

He also provided training on capacity building and livelihood for different cooperatives and other NGOs.

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Appreciating Art

On a personal level, he’s happily married to Alice (my mother) and a father to me (I’m an only child).

He’s an Evangelical Christian and currently serves as an Elder of Alliance Gospel Church (AGC) in Valenzuela City.

Moreover, he’s committed to fulfill his personal mission, which goes like this:

To encourage and help people develop, in the best possible way that he can provide, so that they can use their God-given talents to become better stewards in serving others and in glorifying God.

Detailed Art

What I’ve shared above is just the tip of the iceberg!

Get to know which consultancy services you need.

  • HROD and Training Consultant for InPro.Con Ltd. 2008-present (active); providing HROD and training consulting services for different client organizations to address their skills, behavioral and organizational issues.

  • Training and OD Director for Pacific Management Forum. 2001 – present (active); Consultant/ Coach for training activities and skills development for client organizations.

  • Southeast Asia Grant Director for Mustard Seed Foundation. 2008 – 2012; Grant management and development for empowerment, outreach and training projects covering SEA countries

  • HROD Director for Punlad Buhay Multipurpose Cooperative; 2004 – present (active volunteer); Directs training activities for members

  • Training and OD Director for Extramile Corp. 2004 – 2015; Directs and organizes training activities and skills development for staff and clients.

  • HR and Training Manager for Largen Med Inc. August 2001- 2004; In charge of training and skills development of staff and sales force

  • Senior Training Manager for Kepner-Tregoe Philippines (Manila Execon Group, Inc), Jan 1996 – April 2001: Sales and revenue generation; Account development and management and conducting training and intervention programs; Planning and organizing consultants’ strategies

  • Financial Services Management Consultant for Leaders Integrated Management Systems, 1991-1995: Sold life insurance and other financial services

  • Sales Territory Manager for Pascual Laboratories, Inc. 1986–1991: Promoted/sold pharmaceutical products (branded and generic) to dispensing doctors, drugstores and hospitals.

  • Project Supervisor for Management Communication Systems, Ltd, 1982–1985: Supervised research studies (market, public opinion, developmental)

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