Contwrite Heart

Contwrite Heart

Hi, I’m Jarys!

BTW, it’s pronounced as jä-ris.

I’m currently a licensed financial advisor, freelance writer, and a blogger. For now, let me tell you a little bit about my (unexpected) writing journey.

I began dabbling on creating short stories (sometimes senseless) during grade school, but I started blogging in high school because it became popular. I wrote my reflections, anything that bothered me, and mostly, everything that challenged my thinking.

Only a few people read my work, but I didn’t mind. Blogging was just a hobby until the times I worked as a banker.

But the point came when I felt it’s time to change paths and move on, making me decide to leave the banking industry last 2016.

And everything changed after.

But this was risky.

I wasn’t just facing the risk of unemployment, but also confusion in my career direction. Months passed by and it seemed I wasn’t able to find my “ideal job”.

Then… this random idea popped.

Maybe… just maybe… I can earn by writing.

Do I have the guts? Not really. I was just blogging random stuff.

But after weighing a lot of ifs-and-buts, I still decided to take a shot in pursuing writing as my career.


Hmm… only one small problem: I don’t know where and how to start.

But by God’s goodness, He showed an opportunity for me to learn content and ghost writing, which eventually became my training ground for digital marketing.

Then early 2018, I started joining an online community for young writers called The Young Writer’s Workshop, allowing me to have a clearer vision of what I really want to become someday:

An INDEPENDENT WRITER and a PUBLISHED AUTHOR (working on to publish my own book soon).

I also realized that my drive to write actually may be more sustainable once I pursue writing and publishing my own book, along with creating my own professional website.

Now for my tagline – Why “Contwrite Heart”?

Contwrite Heart means Contending to Write from the Heart.

Such is the tagline I aptly chose, drawing from a library of painful, but humbling experiences as a growing person. These were life-draining discouragements that almost stopped me from writing.

But behind this crushed, contrite heart is a warrior that refuses to be defeated. God gave writing as my weapon against discouragements. I have learned that not winning today’s battle always means a chance to fight again tomorrow.

And I want to share my victories with you, no matter how small they are, by sharing small matters that we unconsciously take too seriously.

I’m now writing to live, or better yet, I’m living to write.

That said, I will always contend to write from the heart.  🙂

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