6 Reasons Why Christmas is Not About Us

6 Reasons Why Christmas is Not About Us

This year, I started feeling that Christmas will be another ordinary day. As someone who experiences feelings of depression at certain times, I usually wonder why I’m losing excitement over parties, gift-giving, and other traditional gatherings.

In one of my reflections, I realized that I grew tired in keeping all these practices. I might sound like a killjoy, but these things don’t appeal that much to me anymore and led me to think that Christmas is not about us.

Reasons Why Christmas is Not About Us

I still encounter episodes of depression especially when I’m alone and idle. I sort of realized that the more I focus on myself, the more I feel low. It just makes sense to me that Christmas is not about us because we’re meant to look beyond ourselves.

Christmas is not about creating and checking our wish list, but looking at what we can give to others.


We unconsciously long to receive something during this season. Malls, online shopping, social media, and our community are only some of the factors why we feel we’re missing out when we receive none or little.

But if we focus on what we can give to others, we will start seeing we have enough than what we expect. There’s nothing wrong with receiving but it should be balanced with giving.

However, Christmas is not about the things we give, but the way we give.

Giving sacrificially

This may sound contrary to the first point, but I’m talking about giving for the sake of giving.  The previous years, I felt pressure for choosing the best gifts to please everybody. To be honest, I give because I expect to receive something in return.

I also give because I still had the means a few years ago. But the real challenge now is how can I still give even if I’m financially challenged. The truth is, people value our effort of giving more than what’s hidden under the wrapper.

Christmas is not about what we receive, but how we accept others the way they are.


Every Christmas, almost everyone gets a little kinder and more generous. In this season of giving and receiving, we always anticipate for the best.

However, we need to challenge the changing standards of this world. Christmas is not about us and our too-good-to-be-true lives, but about our abilities to see the good in each other despite our flaws and weaknesses.

Christmas is not about attending the best parties, but how we join others in the midst of their pain.


This season calls for the most number of parties and fun events. I remember my Christmas last 2016 where I got sick and can’t join celebrations. It feels very lonely to be confined in the four corners of your room while seeing others having fun.

This season is not about us when we practice sensitivity and empathy towards others. As we learn to spend time in the quietness of the neglected ones, we’ll be able to hear the shouts of joy from their hearts.

Christmas is not even about being with our loved ones, but reminiscing the real meaning of love behind this season.

Love Through the Cross

This season is one of the best times to be with our families and loved ones, but Christmas is not mainly about being sentimental as we show our love for others.

When we realize how incapable we are to love others unconditionally, we start looking at the best demonstration of love in the history of humanity: the One who died in our place, even if we’ve sinned so much against Him and deserving to die.

Christmas is not about what we can do, but what God has done for us.

Sacrifical Love

It’s good to be kind, generous, and loving this season, but if we only do these things to get approval and acceptance, we can’t sustain it.

Christmas is not about following traditions and sacrificing for others to validate our worth, but about the humility of God to become Man and live with us.

God loves us so much that He, through Jesus Christ, chose to experience and demonstrate how we should live.

In our worldly standards, a King laying down His life for unworthy criminals and sinners is a ridiculous, foolish, and senseless act.

But in God’s plan, Jesus Christ is the ultimate gift and fulfillment of God’s promise and redemption for mankind.

Sadly, we focus so much on the price tags that we miss out the real cost of this season.

Christmas in a Nutshell

Christmas is not about checking our wish list, or about the gifts we give, or about the fun and parties, or about the magical time with our loved ones, or about the goodness we can show to the world.

This season is pretty simple, but we make it complicated. As we open our hearts again and accept the free gift that bore the cost, let’s remember and believe that Christmas is not about us, but how God accepted and loved us first through Jesus Christ.

Finally, a word of pause,

Christmas is not about us,

Not about Santa Claus,

Not about the Christmas tree,

But about our Lord Jesus,

And His work on Calvary.

What are your views about this season?

Which among the six reasons you struggle with?

I’m opening my ears through the comments section below. 🙂


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