20-Eight In: 8 Realistic Fitness, Productivity, and Technology Goals

20-Eight In: 8 Realistic Fitness, Productivity, and Technology Goals

January silently plays as the recovery month for everyone.

You might be one of those remorseful food coma victims, or resentful time and money-wasters who enjoyed the holiday sprees too much.


How to Make the Wrong Goals

You badly want to change and make up for these impulsive decisions by adopting your friends’ resolutions or following the advices of your favorite personalities.

Most article writers have stressed the same points on improving your physique, productivity, and technology usage. They testify on the effectiveness of their life hacks, insist on their solutions as the best advice, but these tips do not suit you at all.

Eventually, after seeing little or no results, giving up and giving in are your most comfortable and frustrating options.

We have created results-oriented fitness, productivity, and technology goals the past years, but the processes became more dragging and difficult. Gradually, we give up, end like losers, and ‘hate our lives’.

Want to know what’s wrong?

We formulate stand-alone goals without realizing that our lives are composed of different aspects. You have to consider that your goals are interdependent, and you cannot achieve one without involving others.


How to Set Complementary Fitness, Productivity, and Technology Goals

These days, you are longing to hear true and realistic ways to achieve your fitness, productivity, and technology goals.

Going back to my previous post, resolutions should be simple. The following steps will show how to achieve your fitness, productivity, and technology goals without BS (baloney/senselessness):

  1. Not all “more” is better, and you can get more with “less”.

Last week, we have agreed to come up with your top three SMART goals for this year.

This time, you will find out that you can reduce and simplify your goals from a hundred to three and still achieve your desired outcomes without sacrificing majority of them.


Simplify your fitness goals to three things: eating a balanced diet, doing proper exercise, and getting enough quality sleep. You need more creativity and resourcefulness than money to start.

Keep in mind that fitness goals do not only concern physical health, but also our mental, emotional, relational, and spiritual. If you are healthy inside and out, you can finish your tasks more efficiently.


Focus on three goals that matter to you this year. If you listed more than three, you will spend lesser time to achieve each of your goal.


You don’t necessarily need the latest gadget models to produce the greatest outputs. Instead, you need to learn the maximum capacity of your equipment and find out how they fit your priorities.

List the top three gadgets, devices, or equipment you need to achieve your main goals.

  1. Treat each day as New Year’s Day, and do not be hopeless.

We always expect to have the best January 1st, 2nd, and onwards, but if our expectations fail, our hopes have also dropped.


We call it cheat day when we lose control and indulge ourselves (again) in eating too much sweet, salty, and fatty foods.

If you have overeaten today, immediately avoid those foods tomorrow. If you skipped working out for one day, then get back stronger the next time you set your feet on the ground.


Oftentimes, we feel wasted when we just lay down on bed the whole morning.

If you have stayed on bed too long, then use your stored energy to plan and accomplish your tasks better.


We start complaining when our devices fail in giving us speedy services.

If your laptop became unexpectedly crappy and has caused you delays in work, then try restarting until it cools down.

Never, ever, let your mistakes ruin your day and whole year. Don’t just be excited but be enthusiastic, because we receive each day as a blessing to improve every tomorrow.

  1. Do not expect immediate results tomorrow, and be patient with the whole process.

We often want immediate results because we love skipping mistakes, failures, and trials.


We expect to lose all body fat after a week of exercise and proper diet.

No. It’s healthier to lose a pound or two each week.


We wish to finish a whole project overnight.

Uhm, no. Don’t stress yourself and divide your project into smaller daily tasks.


We aim to add another 1000 Instagram followers by posting a single photo.

Unless you’re a famous celebrity, it’s possible. Don’t daydream. Instead, work for it by posting photos daily and learning to compliment other Instagram users.

Yes, you can get them, but part of the process is to go through hardships and pain.

  1. Do only three most important tasks each day that will help you achieve your yearly goal.


To achieve your desired physique, you need to focus on three most important things: healthy and balanced diet, proper exercise, and enough hours of sleep.

Eat the most important foods every day, which are vegetables, fruits, and lean meat or fish, and whole grains. These healthy foods help you feel satisfied and help you avoid eating junk food.

When working out, focus on one body group each day (back, chest, arms, shoulders, legs) or do complex exercises that involve more than one part. Avoid exercising and allow your body to recover with the help of quality sleep


Focus on three tasks relevant to your goal than listing many unattainable tasks. If you only have three major tasks in mind, you get to spend more time doing them during the day. You get closer in achieving your goal.

If you plan to do ten tasks in a day, you spend less time for each. This also ruins your attention span.


These days, technology plays a significant role in prioritizing and organizing your tasks. Use applications to achieve your goals.

Be careful on using social media applications because they often rob the most significant minutes of our time while we are unaware of it.

  1. Celebrate small, but significant achievements that help you reach your main goals.


We often celebrate little achievements by eating our comfort food, but make sure to eat in moderation.


Reward yourself daily after finishing your most important tasks. Learn to affirm yourself.


Sometimes, we celebrate by putting so many details on social media. Do not share too much information because some readers do not care of your humble-bragging. Instead, be mindful of how you celebrate by selecting the most significant details.

  1. Forgive yourself if you “failed” a certain day or skipped a routine.


Do not punish yourself for overeating by starving the next day or over-exercising until you drop.

Instead of living to eat, learn to eat to live.


If you relaxed too much today, do not overwork tomorrow while complaining.

Instead, learn to prioritize tasks and work smarter.


Do not use technology and social media as a way of expressing self-pity, because most people will find you annoying.

Instead, learn how to process your thoughts and emotions through private ways, such as seeking help from friends or writing on a journal.

  1. Realize that not all things will happen the way you expect them to be.


Sometimes, there are more important things to do than hitting the gym. There are instances when you need to eat restricted foods to spend quality time with your friends.


There are times when you cannot put a check mark in any of the items in your to-do list because someone immediately called for help.


Sometimes, you cannot buy the latest gadgets because you have a family member who is ill (like fighting against cancer).

Failure? NO, because missing these things won’t make you less of a person.

The good Lord knows what’s best for you. If your plans do not happen the way you expected them to happen, then they are not the best for you.

  1. Seek the Lord above all else and His plan for you.

Having a six-pack, becoming the most efficient employee, or owning high-technology gadgets are the trending goals these days, but it is worthless to get them if those things are not in line with your life’s purpose.

The famous verse says “But seek first the kingdom of God and his righteousness, and all these things will be added to you (Matthew 6:33).”

This doesn’t mean to seek the Lord so that you can use Him and His power to achieve your goals.

Rather, this means that you should seek what He really wants to do THROUGH you for His glory.


Lessons We Forget to Learn These Days

Before we set our eyes on our goals, we must keep in mind these basic things we often forget: patience and contentment.

It’s okay to aim for more and become better, but never forget to be content.

It’s okay to aim for immediate results, but never set aside patience in your daily grind.

Are you really content and patient with yourself?

How can you incorporate patience and contentment in your goals?

Let me know in through your comments. 🙂

“For what does it profit a man to gain the whole world and forfeit his soul (Mark 8:36)?”


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