20-Eight In: 8 Entertainment and Fashion Advices You Never Heard Of

20-Eight In: 8 Entertainment and Fashion Advices You Never Heard Of

Can you live without a new pair of jeans? Or that new line of lipstick by a famous icon? Or that new model of rubber shoes worn by your MVPs?

What was the last show you binge-watched?

Sellers, marketers, advertisers, business owners, and self-proclaimed know-it-all gurus will insist their truths that you need these things.


…do you really need all those stuff?  Nope!


The Real FOMO (Fear of Missing Out): Fear of Me Seeing Out

Most people don’t actually care what you wear or what you’re up to.

(Honestly, they just care about you because they like you – or they hate you.)

Let’s get straight to the point.

Are you going to die without those things?

If your answer is yes, then you might be one of those people experiencing FOMO or the fear of missing out.


Valued FOMOation

FOMO is becoming a loose term, but its impact has slowly changed our values.

Why do we fear missing out the things we don’t need to do or to have?

Missing out is not an absolute concept, but a relative thought that shows how you miss out the things most people are enjoying at the moment.

How do you know or feel you miss out?

By SEEING how the OUTside world works with your EYES.

These days, FOMO is most evident when we SEE and adopt how others dress or entertain themselves.


8 Entertainment and Fashion Advices You Never Heard Of

Most people understand that “new year, new me” means buying new clothes and learning new ways to have fun.

But before you dim your screens, let me break how to do the best entertainment and fashion “hacks” you really need:

  1. Not all “more” is better.

Most people consider wardrobe as investment by keeping the best and branded pieces. In short, owning more clothes makes you a better person.

Sometimes, keeping up with all the famous songs, shows, or movies makes you smart, lovable, and relatable.

Hmm… Let’s admit it.

We feel pressured when we SEE our friends keep up with the latest fashion trends. We feel dumb when we cannot relate to entertainment news in town.

We SEE too many things that keep our EYES from our goal, and it’s all about focus.

How to narrow your focus:

Focus on your top three priorities and see where fashion or entertainment fits in the picture.


Enumerate your regular activities first. How much time you spend in the office? Home? School? Church? Gym? Client calls? Mall? Friends? Formal occasions?

Set top three and base your wardrobe investment on them.


Entertainers want to get these things from you:

–          Money

–          Time and attention

–          Perspective

Instead, choose sources of entertainment that will:

–          Enable you to earn

–          Give you more wisdom

–          Make you enjoy and give you a sense of fulfilment

I’ll give you an example on how to do this:

  • Be fit and stay healthy.

         Fashion: Invest on more workout or sports apparel.

         Entertainment: Engage more in physical and outdoor activities.

  • Read more books.

         Fashion: You can read with your jammies. I swear, no one will judge you.

         Entertainment: Strike the balance. Select books that you enjoy reading and give your mind the right feeding.

  • Spend more time with family.

         Fashion: Select the most comfortable clothes. Why? You don’t want to mess precious moments because of short skirt.

         Entertainment: Find out what your family loves to do TOGETHER. It can be eating out, or watching a movie, or playing card games in your living room.

  1. Treat each day as New Year’s Day.


This means to make each day special, but not necessarily mean wear the most expensive clothes.


Stick to your goals and avoid the temptation of bottomless scrolling. Do not fall in entertainment’s trap of stealing your time.

Something to think about:

We can still enjoy each day without succumbing to mainstream fashion and entertainment.

Sometimes, we entertain ourselves because we lack or do not have real joy.

Know what should be the real source of your joy and you will not be shaken by any circumstance.

  1. Do not expect immediate results tomorrow.


It’s funny when we dress up like someone who’s famous, good-looking, and well-loved by the public.

After being a copycat, we expect to get the same reception and acceptance from people, but the opposite happens.


We entertain ourselves because we want to cope with sadness instantly.

What you should expect:

It’s not your physical appearance that needs a total makeover. Most of the time, you need to focus and change your attitude, and this process does not happen overnight.

Check your heart because it does not matter how much time you spend to make yourself happy.

Instead, the time you spend going through pain and sadness and the way you process your experiences and learning really make sense.

  1. Do only three most important tasks each day that will help you achieve your yearly goal.


Honestly, we spend most of our time looking in front of the mirror and thinking how to look our best.


We aspire for fame, and we live with the purpose of entertaining people with our projected ideal lives, even if our ways deprive our privacy and degrade our dignity.

We spend so much time, and we forget the reality to achieve our real goals.

Sadly, we focus on taking good care of our image, rather than building our character.

What to do daily:

Go back to your goals and assess them.

Do the most important tasks that build your character, and you will spend less time thinking of fashion and entertainment blues.

  1. Celebrate small, but significant achievements that help you reach your main goals.

You might use this as a license to shop-until-you-drop or binge-watch your favorite series.


How to celebrate:

Make sure the present reward does not become a future burden that will make you anxious.

In other words, be thankful for every single thing that comes your way.

  1. Forgive yourself if you “failed” a certain day or skipped a routine.

It’s interesting when we fret after missing out the biggest sale or the episode of our favorite series BECAUSE we are too busy achieving our goals.

It’s okay. Let them go.

How to forgive yourself:

In fact, these are not considered as failures or problems.

They might be sacrifices for now, but you might tap yourself in the future for the right choices you made.

  1. Realize that not all things will happen the way you expect them to be.

Don’t force yourself to buy anything or do everything because we have limited time and resources.

We are limited people, and your millions can’t buy time, joy, and love.

What people expect from you:

Focus on different expectations.

People don’t care how you look or how much you know.

Instead, they care how you look at them, see their lives, and what solutions you can offer to their problems and hopeless situations.

  1. Seek the Lord above all else and His plan for you.


Do you wear clothes to attract men/women?

Do you wear them to show your curves?

Do you flaunt your appearance to show that you are better than others, and consequently make them feel inferior?

Does your fashion sense please the Lord?


Do you entertain yourself by doing meaningful things, or by making fun of others?

Do you talk about the good deeds of certain people that make you happy, or enjoy gossips from others?

Do you see the wonderful things in life, or escape the painful reality through social media?

Do you focus on satisfying your physical and earthly desires, or are you more concerned with meeting the needs of others and living a significant life?

In church, are we more focused on entertaining people than worshipping God?


How to Find Your Real EYEdentity

These days, we SEE and focus too much on the world and tend to lose our real identity.

Our EYES are powerful tools that influence our preferences and choices, but they don’t act as our life’s decision-makers.

God gave us the mind to filter and control our choices based on what we SEE.

He gave us His WORD as the main source of wisdom for our decisions and the only standard for our identity.

God – and His WORD – is the source of our real joy.


How to See and Change

Are you going to change the way you dress, or change the way you see yourself?

Are you going to change your world through entertainment measures, or change the way you see the world?

“For the Lord sees not as man sees: man looks on the outward appearance, but the Lord looks on the heart (1 Samuel 16:7b).”

If you want to spread the change, please like, comment your thoughts, and share this post. 🙂 

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