12 Most Common Decisions We are Unaware of

12 Most Common Decisions We are Unaware of

You are curious because you decided to click this article, aren’t you?

Aha! This is the first unaware decision made. But thanks, anyway.

The second decision would be to continue and finish reading. Your choice.

3. We decide to open our eyes when we wake up, even if we already wished to conclude the day.

4. We choose to eat because of hunger or boredom. And you are now convincing your self to admit it.

5. We keep scrolling our mobile devices even if we want to stop. But please, do not stop here yet.sen

6. We want to appear busy by engaging in different hobbies. An the end of the day, they do not make sense at all.

7. We post statuses, stories, tweets, and snaps to be noticed and asked how we are doing. When asked, we often refuse to answer. So.. what do we really want?

8. We always feed our minds with information we do not seek to understand. Oh, clutter.

9. We choose to FEEL okay when things are not. This is common.

10. We survive because we choose to survive.

11. We fail because we choose to THINK we failed. Failure is not absolute.

12. Right now, you are currently agreeing with most of the items listed above, thinking of ways to improve yourself, and thinking of other things lacking in the list.

What’s in your mind right now?

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